A unique place in the world: Cappadocia (Turkey)

We know that part of your goals for 2022 is to get to know unique and different places. That is why we leave you more information about another tourist site worth visiting.

In Turkey, in the heart of the Anatolian peninsula and one hour from Istanbul by plane, is Cappadocia. One of those places that you have to visit at least once in your life. What makes Cappadocia such a special place is its landscape, which seems to come out of a story. Valleys form it and capricious conical rocks sculpted by wind and rain, mysterious underground cities, and stone churches of ancient Christian communities.

There are different attractions and places to visit, here we mention some of our favorites:

The underground cities of Cappadocia: What makes this region so unique are its rock formations, which originated millions of years ago by the eruption of two volcanoes. This land, composed of lava, ash, and mud, allowed its inhabitants to excavate artificial caves in the soft rock as a refuge from the invaders of the Central Asian steppes, who periodically ravaged the region.

They are entire cities raised from the rock. With a total of 36 underground cities, the largest and most magnificent of all, the city of Derinkuyu, was so large that 20 thousand souls took refuge in it. In addition, the town of Derinkuyu had an underground water source, ventilation holes, and the possibility of storing food and livestock, which allowed its inhabitants to remain hidden in the underground city for long months.

Fly in a balloon over Cappadocia at sunrise: Every morning before dawn, and for about $150, specialized companies pick up passengers at their respective hotels and take them to a meeting point. After a light breakfast, the adventure begins.

It is one of the most beautiful balloon views on the planet. The capricious rock formations and their pinnacles take your breath away from the heights.

Quad Adventure Through the Valleys: Exploring Cappadocia by quad is an exciting and undoubtedly unforgettable experience. Discover the incredible volcanic landscapes of the valleys of Swords, Roses, and Love.

If you take a trip to Turkey, visit the Cappadocia region. Discover more attractions and spectacular plans with our tours. Despite the hordes of tourists, you will not be disappointed. Contact us now or visit CubaTargets.