Are you looking for a completely different plan? Today we tell you what to do in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a southern Caribbean nation encompassing a central island, Saint Vincent, and smaller islands. It has ports full of yachts, elegant private islands, and scenic landscapes and is famous for its top sailing destinations. And also a completely different plan to do if you are thinking of another vacation.

Today we tell you the best things to do in this destination:

Wallilabou Bay, Pirates of the Caribbean beach: It is an excellent place to practice scuba diving and snorkeling among crystal clear and warm waters (at 30ºC). However, perhaps it would not be so famous if it were not because it was used to film the Walt Disney movie Pirates of the Caribbean, and they still retain their settings today. That is why many tourists come annually to see the famous pirate Jack Sparrow sets, starring Johnny Deep: The pier, the tavern, the various houses in the village, etc.

Dark view falls, a dip in the middle of nature: A bamboo suspension bridge is a gateway to a beautiful natural area called Dark view Falls.

Chateaubelair eats in a picturesque bay: The scenic value of San Vicente is the mountainous interior of rainforest that is interspersed with bays and beaches. They are black sand of volcanic origin since the white ones are found in the Grenadines. Chateaubelair is an idyllic place where you can eat in front of an island that protects you from the waves of the sea in the purest peace of a remote location in this world.

The Baleine Falls: They are located north of San Vicente and formed in a series of beautiful ponds. These falls are about 60 feet high and fall into a vast natural pond, but we cannot get there on foot as they are only accessible by boat. That’s right, so getting to know them implies a little adventure.

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