Get to know the five most beautiful places during the Fall season.

Autumn begins at the end of September and ends before Christmas; the beautiful color marks the forest leaves acquire. To celebrate and enchant you even more this season, we have chosen five places in the world that look the most beautiful during the fall and that we also recommend you to visit.

New Hampshire, United States: The east coast of the United States has always been famous for its beautiful fall landscapes. New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Park is characterized by its leaves changing color in early fall, covered by extensive forests of beech, oak, and cedar.

Selva de Irati, Spain: Located in Navarra, the Selva de Irati looks like something out of a fairy tale. Throughout its more than 17,000 hectares, you will see birch, fir, and oak trees twisted and covered by dense layers of moss. Also, by mid-November, the forest floor is usually covered in thousands of autumn leaves, forming a scarlet carpet.

Bukhansan National Park, South Korea: In South Korea, there are also lush forested landscapes that change color during the season. The best example is Mount Bukhansan National Park, a beautiful nature sanctuary north of Seoul. The inhabitants of this metropolis love to visit this place because it offers many historical attractions, such as ancient fortresses and temples, in addition to being beautiful.

Great Wall in Simatai, China: Another excellent example is that autumn in the Far East is spectacular, especially when mixed with the history and symbolism of the Great Wall of China. If you want to see this ancient monument surrounded by red, orange, and gold trees, the recommendation is the Simatai section, just two hours from the center of Beijing.

Sierra de Casas Grandes, Chihuahua: In the north of Mexico in Chihuahua, this station also offers beautiful landscapes with the change of foliage. To prove it, you can visit the Sierra de Casa Grande, in the northwest of the state, where you will see fir trees, poplars, and alders in vibrant colors as you skirt the banks of the Piedras Verdes River.

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