How to get from Miami to Cuba? Tips, Recommendations, Airlines, and more,
discover it all!

Traveling from Miami to Cuba is not an easy task. However, it is not something impossible to
do. Currently, the possibilities have opened, and there are direct flights between Miami and
Havana, but you must keep certain things in mind, here we will tell you about them.

The flight between Miami (MIA) and Havana (HAV) takes around one h 15m and covers a
distance of around 378 km. Services are operated by American Airlines. There are usually
42 flights, although the times for weekdays and holidays may vary, so check in advance.
Other airlines also fly to this destination, such as JetBlue Airways and Southwest Airlines.

Regarding the restrictions by COVID-19, it is valuable to consider the information provided
on the official pages of the United States Government. In this way, you will visualize the
subject of the measures, tests, and vaccination cards correctly and without errors.
Havana is the capital of the Republic of Cuba, its largest city, its main port, its
economic-cultural center, and its leading tourist destination. It is the most populous city in the
country, with a population of 2,106,146 inhabitants, according to 2012 data, and the third
most populous in the Caribbean region, in addition to being a relevant and attractive tourist
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