Know EVERYTHING about the famous “Island of the Pigs” in the Bahamas

The months of June, July, August, and September are the most anticipated of the year, not only because of the excellent weather but because they mean something that many expect throughout the year: the holidays and since September is not over, you are still on time. to visit the famous “Island of the Pigs.”

One of the favorite destinations for tourists continues to be the Bahamas Islands, in the Caribbean Antilles. The islands, known as a paradise in the middle of the Caribbean, are a meeting point for those tourists who want to enjoy the sun, the beach, and luxury (tourism accounts for more than 60% of the island’s economy).

One of the obligatory stops is usually Big Major Cay, a small and wooded island in the central part of the Bahamas (in Exuma), better known as “the Island of the pigs,” and which offers precisely what its name indicates: It is a beach where herds of wild pigs live in freedom, and where tourists flock to roll with them in the sand or bathe in the crystal clear waters that surround the island.

Pigs are wild, and they live freely with all those who come to the island. Several dozen pigs live peacefully sunbathing and bathing in the sea, and despite the thousands of tourists who come to see them, they seem unfazed. They allow themselves to be caressed, they can be fed, and it appears that they do not bother if you are next to the feeding.

But how did the pigs get to the island? Legend has it that, during colonial times, a group of Dutch sailors left the pigs on the island, intending to return and cook them for their livelihood. But for some reason (perhaps a shipwreck), the sailors never returned, and since then, the pigs have survived on the island, feeding on the scraps of food they provide.

Not all tourists take care of pigs, so the Bahamian government plans to regulate access to the island, try to control the influx of tourists, and establish in-situ security measures to ensure the welfare of the animals.

But it is undoubtedly a great tourist site to take photos and share with nature in a completely different way.