Learn how other religions celebrate CHRISTMAS

Since we continue to celebrate the Christmas season, today we come with an exciting topic, and that is that not all people in the world celebrate Christmas in the same way, since there are many religions and each one has its way of honoring these dates.

Next, we will leave you some of these religions to learn a little more about them.

Christian Christmas: In this sense, according to Christian tradition, Jesus Christ came into the world on the night of December 24. Thus, Christians celebrate the birth of the son of God and the Virgin Mary.

In a doorway in Bethlehem, Mary gave birth to Jesus. And as is well represented in the traditional Christmas nativity scenes, the Messiah’s birth was in a manger between an ox and a mule.

Protestants: Within Protestantism, there are different branches, although they all have the Christmas holiday in common. If we go back to its origin, in the beginning, they stopped doing it for centuries to differentiate themselves from Catholicism, but they recovered it later.

To this day, their way of celebrating Christmas is precisely the same as that of Christians since both religions share roots.

Jehovah’s Witnesses: If you didn’t know, this unknown religious branch of Christianity does not celebrate Christmas. For them, the Bible does not say anywhere that Jesus Christ was born on December 25, just as it does not mention Christmas.

For all these reasons, Jehovah’s Witnesses consider that this tradition has nothing to do with their religion. So, for them, these Christmas days are lived with absolute normality.

Muslim Christmas: For the Muslim religion, Jesus is one of the five most essential prophets of Islam, and although his birth is not among the official celebrations of Islamic holidays, it is always commemorated in some way. Those who celebrate it usually do so in mosques with their loved ones, reading the Koran or remembering it in a group.

Muslim Christmas also hosts family meals. In some cases, they also fast, but there is generally nothing predetermined as it is not a mandatory celebration. Much of the Muslims are not in favor of celebrating the arrival of Jesus.

Christmas according to the Jews: Judaism and Christianity are pretty similar as a religion and different. They consider that Jesus was nothing more than a prophet and are still waiting for the true Messiah. Like Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Jews also do not believe that the birth of Jesus should be celebrated.

However, they do celebrate Hanukkah or the festival of lights, which temporarily coincides with Christmas. Hanukkah should be spent as a family, exchanging gifts, something very similar to what we expect from Christmas.


Buddhists and Hindus: In the case of Buddhism, it is curious to see how they do celebrate Christmas, despite not having the same beliefs as Christians. And it is that for them, it is an important date because they celebrate that Christ came to the world. Of course, their new year comes in February, when they have great parties. 

Did you know how these religions celebrate Christmas? With us, you can travel to one of the destinations marked in this way and learn a little more about their cultures.