September is here! Know the best 5 destinations to visit during this month.

Don’t know where to travel in September 2022? This is one of the best months to travel for many reasons. Kids are back in school, summer crowds are history, and prices and temperatures are starting to drop, making September one of the best months of the year to see the world. Here we list the top 10 destinations to go to:

Bora Bora

September is the best month to get lost on this paradisiacal island in French Polynesia. Generally, the months of May, September, and October coincide with the best weather on the island. You can bathe in its paradisiacal waters enjoying a dry and pleasant climate. Also, September is the best month to see humpback whales in Bora Bora in the waters surrounding the island.


Forget coming to Malta during the summer if you can make it in September. Why? Because the weather and water temperature will be the same, you will find a big difference in the prices of flights and hotels on the island. And also in the crowds!


Sicily is another great destination to travel to in September. In Europe, most tourists seek beach holidays and Sicily is one of the most popular destinations in the region, being home to some of the best beaches in Italy. However, like Malta, if you can wait a few weeks, it is much better to visit in September than in August. There is a very significant difference in prices and crowds!


There are few destinations as interesting to travel to in September as Iceland. You will have conditions similar to those of summer but without so many people and with better prices. Remember that Iceland is an expensive destination, but during July and August prices are even higher.

In September things normalize a bit. You will have the same daylight hours as in Spain, having the possibility of making the most of the days, without having to suffer from the midnight sun as happens in the summer months.


Vancouver is one of the best cities in Canada. In September, temperatures are slightly lower than in the peak summer months of July and August. That means that the weather in Vancouver in September is warm, quite dry, and with many hours of sunshine. This is a perfect destination for lovers of outdoor activities, so you must make sure you have good weather conditions to get the most out of it, and in September you will have them

This list falls short of the number of destinations you can go to, so don’t worry, we’ll make the second part of places you can go to during this wonderful month.

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