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The 5 best tourist destinations to visit in Cuba

Cuba is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean and a tourist destination that everyone should visit at least on time in their life. It is an impressive country!

All these destinations end up astonishing their visitors. Therefore, from Cuba Targets Agency, we want to recommend you the 5 best tourist places to visit in Cuba.

La Habana

It is the capital of the country and the most visited tourist destination in Cuba. When you make your list of the places in Cuba that you want to visit, La Habana is undoubtedly the first on that list!

A beautiful city in front of the Straits of Florida that concentrates attractions of all kinds: magnificent beaches in the Playas del Este, amazing hotels and restaurants for all tastes and budgets, marinas and centers for practicing water sports, and almost everything you need for an amazing vacation.

travel agency in united states - travel agency in miami florida


One of the best beaches in Cuba, and in the Caribbean. It has an area of ​​20 km of white sand and turquoise waters. Under which an aquatic paradise of vegetation hides.

The famous resort of Varadero, is located in the province of Matanzas. It is 1.5 hours by car from Havana.


Santiago de Cuba

It is the second most important city in the country due to its economy and population. It is located in the south of the island and has witnessed throughout the history many important historical events since the time of the Spanish colonization.

The city is surrounded by the Sierra Maestra. Therefore, it has a hot and humid climate. It has an irregular relief, so the avenues and streets go up and down.

Vieja Habana

It is the historic center of the city of Havana. Here, you will find all kinds of ancient monuments, fortresses, churches, palaces, etc., as it is full of authentic architectural jewels from various eras and offers one of the most complete collections of colonial buildings in all of America.


Is a city in the center of Cuba, known for its old colonial city and cobblestone streets. The neo-baroque main square, Plaza Mayor, is surrounded by large colonial buildings. The Romantic Museum, in the restored mansion of the Brunet Palace, and the Museum of Colonial Architecture display relics from the sugar production era in the city.

This city is located in the central area of ​​the island, about 360 km from Havana. Trinidad is one of the tourist places in Cuba preferred by many of the visitors who travel to Cuba.

Cuba is about culture, nature, history, magic, and traditions. If you want to travel and know these wonderful places, we recommend you to travel with one of the best Travel Agencies in Miami: Cuba Targets Agency!