The best destinations to visit during the Halloween festivities PART 1

We have several days talking about incredible destinations to visit during the days before Halloween, and this is a holiday that we love and during which you can live great travel experiences.

The destinations we’ve talked about include places like New York and Orlando Fl., but today we’ll go beyond our horizons and recommend other destinations you could go to as well.

Some destinations that have become popular tourist attractions for those who are attracted by these types of places because of the history behind them, full of mystery, legend, tragedy, etc., some of them are:

Bran or Dracula Castle in Transylvania, this castle is the place to go when you travel to Romania, it is exactly in Transylvania surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains and where tourists come attracted by the legend of this medieval fortress, which is still preserved in good condition. During the tour of this place, you will see the central courtyard, the chancery room with European Renaissance furniture, the royal bedroom, the music room, towers, and turrets. The story revolves around Vlad, the prince of Wallachia, who became famous for the way he killed his enemies, and had them impaled while he ate lunch. These acts did not happen there, nor did Vlad live there. However, the legend became popular because it is assumed that in this place he was captured.

Catacombs of Paris, the walls of this network of tunnels that cover some 300 kilometers are lined with the skulls and femurs of some 6 million people who were brought there in the 18th century to combat the epidemics that devastated the population due to that time.

Currently, for security reasons, visitors have access to just one kilometer from what was once the quarries of Paris, where the German army built a bunker and was also used as a headquarters by the Resistance during World War II.

Salem Witch Museum, in this place are most of the legends and stories about the practice of witchcraft. A story from the Middle Ages, it is related to how 20 young people from Salem were sentenced to death to be judged for practicing this type of ritual.

During the tour, life-size settings are seen in which there are representative figures of all the stereotypes around the practice of witchcraft, from witch hunts, and satanic ceremonies, to what is done today.

The Island of the dolls, in Mexico, is a chinampa of the Teshuilo lagoon, located in the Xochimilco canals, near the Azteca Stadium, and is one of the main tourist attractions south of Mexico City.

Legend has it that the caretaker of the island found a girl drowned by the sides of this chinampa and shortly after found a doll floating in the water and hung it on one of the trees in honor of the soul of the minor.

For 50 years this man continued collecting and hanging dolls from all the trees on the island until he drowned in this same lagoon. It is now a tourist attraction, with a tragic background.

Alcatraz is an island with a lighthouse, located in the center of San Francisco Bay, which was used as a military fortification, prison, and later a maximum security prison, where the most dangerous criminals were taken, among which was Al Capone, the famous American gangster of the 1920s and 1930s.

Now, it is part of the tourist sites of San Francisco and its visitors, who arrive by ferry from Pier 33, do so out of curiosity about this site full of ghostly stories and legends.

In a future publication, we will place more destinations that you can visit during this terrifying holiday, and if you want the best flights, you just have to contact us.

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