The best places to spend this summer.

Summer is one of the best and most anticipated seasons of the year. Many people live in countries in the southern hemisphere where the seasons are reversed in June, July, and August; therefore, it is winter, and they look for warm places to spend these dates.

Today we will leave you a series of places where you can travel and sunbathe with a delicious, icy beer.

SPAIN: In Spain, summer is a season where people enjoy themselves since it has many refreshing and beautiful beaches. People throw parties and enjoy good music together with family and friends.

The destinations that we suggest for spending the summer in Spain are:

Canary Islands

And if you want to know a little more about famous places, you can visit Marbella.

UNITED STATES: If you are more into tourist sites, this country will give you what you need. Many people choose these dates to travel as a family and enjoy the amusement parks such as those in Orlando, in addition to looking for water parks where they can spend a refreshing day.

The destinations we suggest for spending the summer in the United States are:

New York

MEXICO: This country has destinations for all kinds of tastes, and since it is summer here, you will find beautiful beaches where you can sunbathe watching the refreshing sea, apart from its delicious cuisine. You will have a lot to know.

The destinations that we suggest for spending the summer in Mexico are:

Baja California south

ICELAND: This country is highly recommended to visit in summer; it has many hot springs, volcanoes, waterfalls, and unique landscapes that you can only enjoy in this country. If you like excursions and traveling in a group, you should know that if you choose this country to vacation in summer, you will not regret it.

The destinations we suggest for spending the summer in Iceland are:

South coast

Are you ready to vacation this summer with your family or friends? Any destination you choose will be great for you; each has its magic, culture, and gastronomy, so that you can learn a little about each country.

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