What are the best places to travel this summer?

Summer is coming, and very few people have a planned destination to travel to, so today,
we will leave you several sites that can help you decide when planning those long-awaited

Austria: It is an ideal country to travel by car in summer. If you have a few weeks, we
recommend you trace a route through its most beautiful cities, such as Vienna, Salzburg, or
Innsbruck and visit Haltat, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. However, it must be
recognized that the best thing about Austria has the freedom to stop at natural viewpoints
overlooking its incredible alpine landscape, dotted with lakes and waterfalls, and enjoy Enjoy
nature in comfort, especially in the Tyrol region, where you can spend the last few days
relaxing before returning home.

Italy: Southern Europe is a favorite place for many people. When the holidays arrive, we
always want to go to the most suitable places to travel in summer. Italy is the European
jewel that has it all, from the Tyrrhenian to the Adriatic, wonders to visit. In addition to its
recognized historical and cultural wealth, the summer sun in Italy is an excellent idea. Enjoy
cities like Venice that will change the way you spend your vacations.

Brazil: Another popular destination to visit in the summer of 2022 in Brazil. The South
American country is the perfect place if you are looking for a vacation on the most
impressive beaches in the world. Due to tropical rains, the government is characterized by a
warm climate and sometimes humid. You can also visit some of the most important cities in
the country, such as Rio de Janeiro, which has some of the most impressive beaches, such
as Copacabana or Praia do Flamengo.

Ireland: Summer is a great season to visit Ireland, if not the best. Since you will have much
less chance of bad weather and rain, something prevalent in other seasons of the year. Visiting the so-called Emerald Isle by car for about two weeks is the best option to explore
incredible places such as the Giant Road and Cliffs of Moher, two of the great sites in
Ireland, and other areas of interest. Stunning castles and monasteries; without schedule
control and total freedom of movement. And to round off the trip, nothing better than
spending a few days in Dublin, enjoying one of the most atmospheric cities in Europe.

Switzerland: Another destination to visit in the summer of 2022 without leaving Europe will
be Switzerland. This small country is characterized by very cosmopolitan cities in front areas
where nature completely dominates. Among its varied landscapes, you will find large green
meadows, crystal clear lakes, snow-capped Alps, and small villages where you can immerse
yourself in the nature that surrounds you.

One of the recommendations to get to know this country better during your trip is to go by
train. Switzerland is a small country, but it has good connections between different cities, so
if you want to enjoy the spectacular landscapes you should bet on board, even if it means
spending days in the country. You can also visit important cities such as Geneva, Bern,
Zurich or Lucerne, all with a charm that takes them out of a fairy tale.

What do you think of these places? Have you already chosen where to travel this summer
2022? If you still have doubts, do not hesitate to continue researching each country and
which site you prefer to visit with more desire.