What are the BEST transportation options in Cuba?

If you are about to visit Cuba this post interests you, today from Cuba Targets your trusted travel agency, we want to recommend some transport options to explore the island. Traveling in Cuba is not easy, so good preparation is really important.

In Cuba, there are different ways of moving from one place to another, but you must also bear in mind that in some transports the price is fixed and in others, you have to negotiate when you are a tourist some prices may vary depending on where you are going.

We present some options for various types of transportation in Cuba and indicate pros and cons:


A bicycle that has a trailer with seats for two passengers and that makes short trips in cities or towns. This is one of the cheapest transports in Cuba, but tourists are made to pay for it. So it’s time to negotiate and find a price at which both parties are comfortable.

Taxi or private car

For practical purposes, there is no difference between the two, but perhaps for legal purposes, viz. We believe that “official” taxis carry a yellow taxi sign and appear to be somewhat more expensive. The rest are private cars of people who also put themselves in taxi stands or simply offer to take you. They may sometimes be called collectives, depending on where you are on the island.

The Guagua or Cuban ‘trucks’

Transformers-style public buses. It can be a cargo truck with a box “enabled” to lift people. The mix between a trailer and a bus. Or a mixture of both.

Private Transfer

Private services for hotels or tourist agencies.


It is a transportation company in Cuba that transports people by bus and guaguas. This is in charge of reaching the main tourist destinations in the country and charges in CUC. They make different routes starting from Havana and have established departure times. Compared to other means of tourist transport, they are usually much cheaper.

We always seek to recommend the best to our clients, so you know, ask about our travel and transportation options and get to know the Island as you should.